Pipe floods from burst water main in Bathgate is disrupting businesses and households again.

CAS-Hire Stirling has been providing dehumidifiers to start the dry out process for businesses affected by the burst water main flooding in Bathgate, West Lothian.

Pipe Floods in BathgateBusiness owners and domestic households have been hiring our Woods 40, Woods 36 and BD150 building dryers to swiftly get themselves back on track following the substantial disruption created by a couple of mains water pipework leaks in as many days.

CAS-Hire can supply equipment suitable to help get things back on track if you have been affected throughout the country. CAS-Hire also has an extensive range of dehumidifiers or building dryers, specialist construction air cleaners and fans designed to cope with moisture removal and refurbishment works if you have been affected by flooding.

Give us a call on freephone 0800 525082 for more details or assistance.

Drying out with our Industrial range of dehumidifiers.

Woods40 DehumidifierOur Woods 40 portable industrial dehumidifiers/building dryers are only available in 240v electrical power supply versions however they do boast an in-built water pump and up to 8m of drain hose which can be directed to a suitable drainage point to insure constant usage without the requirement to regularly empty water storage containers daily. This high-performance steel-cased unit with tough large heavy-duty wheels is well equipped to face the UK construction site market.

Our other hugely popular industrial portable dehumidifier/building dryer is the Ebac BD150 Dual voltage 110 – 230v. This heavy-duty rugged and ever-reliable unit manages to maintain its position as one of the UK market leaders. Made from thick heavy-gauge steel with chunky solid easily manoeuvrable wheels and directs is drainage via a gravity port located at the rear of the unit and would direct into a suitable container or catchment area.

Woods 40 Dehumidifier & BD1000 building dryers £120.00 per week ex vat and carriage

Dry out your damaged home with our Woods36 dehumidifier.

This particular model is an extremely powerful and energy-efficient performer and is one of our most popular units. Developed for those needing an extra effect and to dry laundry or damp properties really quickly. The Woods 36 is not only an extremely reliable dehumidifier, this compact sturdy machine is extremely powerful and will quickly dry your basement, bathroom, garage, office, caravan or other rooms throughout your properties quickly

Woods 36 DehumidifierBy dehumidifying the air to a pleasant level you will feel much better as the growth of mould, mite and fungus attacks are reduced. Dehumidifying has never been this fast before! This is the machine to choose when dehumidifying needs to be quick! CAS-Hire’s Woods 36 dehumidifier has a hose connection for continuous drainage, but also a large water container of 10,4 litres. If the water container is full, the dehumidifier shuts off automatically.

This model offers two-speed fan control to provide an added drying performance and is fitted with clear function control knobs making it very easy to look after.

Woods 36 Dehumidifier £65.00 per week ex vat and carriage.

Please view equipment on our website located on the Refrigerant Dehumidifier page.

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