Controlling humidity in large scientific research facility

Controlling humidity in large scientific research facility

CAS-Hire’s London office recently won a contract to supply fifteen (15) XH16 evaporative humidifiers to a large scientific research facility in Didcot, Oxfordshire

Controlling humidity in labsThe laboratory facility monitors a wide spectrum of subject matter ranging from engineering and pioneering technology, to treatments for bacterial diseases and a vast range of new medicines.

In all of these research applications maintaining specific humidity control is an extremely important part of the procedure.

CAS-Hire stocks a large number of units and can supply a wide range of portable equipment capable of producing and maintaining the desired humidity levels sought.


Controlling humidity with the XH16 evaporative humidifier.

xh16 humidifierOur XH16 evaporative humidifier as used in the instance can also be commonly used in various other applications whether it be printers, electronics manufacturers, legal records storage facilities, libraries, museums, art galleries, Auctioneers, Musical theatre orchestral pits, Universities, TV and Media production, financial trading floors, call centres, large open plan offices, chemical and medical manufacturers, or even domestic households where wooden flooring has been installed.

Units can produce up to 60L /24h at 21°C /30% RH, cover an effective area of up to 200m2 and have a large 34l water reservoir. The metal-cased XH16 humidifier also offers two-speed fan control with mechanical variable humidistat.

Give us a call on freephone 0800 525082 for more details or assistance.

XH16 evaporative humidifier hire rates are 65.00GBP per unit per week excluding vat and carriage.

Please visit the humidifier section of our website for more details.

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