Recover quicker after Storm Frank with CAS

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Recover quicker after Storm Frank with CAS

No sooner than we were left to reeling with the horrendous flooding aftermath created by Storm Desmond as it battered the North of England in early December, we now are facing the fresh issues created by Storm Frank Flooding as we enter 2016.

This time the Scottish Borders, Dumfries and Galloway, Stirlingshire, Perthshire, Tayside and Aberdeenshire were the amongst the latest victims along with large areas of northern England for a second time with vast numbers of households and businesses being affected by major Storm Frank flooding and power cuts.

Now that reports suggest the water levels appear to be receding CAS-Hire can offer assistance to households and businesses get the recovery process started with the ability to hire out drying equipment and heaters suitable to help should you have been affected.

We currently have a large stock of gas cabinet heaters available for hire which do not require electricity to operate should you currently be without heating and we are also Flogas cylinders suppliers.

Recover quicker after any flooding from Storm Frank with our Hire Service.

CAS-Hire also have and extensive range of dehumidifiers or building dryers, specialist construction air cleaners, heaters and fans designed to cope with moisture removal and refurbishment works if you have been affected by flooding.

Give us a call on freephone 0800 525082 for more details or assistance.

Woods 40 Dehumidifier £75.00 per week ex vat and carriage

This powerful Woods 40 dehumidifier is an extremely powerful and energy-efficient performer and is particularly popular hire unit. This model has been developed for those who require a more powerful performer to dry damp properties or environments quickly. The Woods 40 is not only an extremely reliable dehumidifier, this compact sturdy machine is extremely powerful and will quickly dry your basement, garage, office, house or other rooms throughout your properties fast.

By dehumidifying the air to a pleasant level you will feel much better as the growths of mould, mite and fungus attacks are reduced. CAS-Hire’s Woods 40 dehumidifier has an internal water pump which is connected to a hose to allow the drainage to be pumped up to a maximum length of 15 meters away from the dehumidifier to a suitable drainage point.



CH11 Gas Cabinet heaters £20.00 per week ex vat, carriage and gas cylinder purchase

HTG Range CH11 GreyThis portable heater is best suited to office heating applications. The superser style butane gas heater has a 21mm Regulator and requires a 13kg cylinder which can be moved from room to room, spreading warmth around your home or workplace.

Capable of heating indoor areas up to 60 cubic metres the CH11 Gas cabinet heater has a total of 3 heating output settings: 1.4kw, 2.8kw & 4.2kw.

By using its own in-built ignition button to light the fire & heat its ceramic plates this fire complies with the UK BSEN 449:2002 standard regulations.

Standard safety features such as the anti-tilt safety system are included with this popular heater and it is easily portable with its sturdy castors.

This heater requires a Butane gas cylinder (not included but can be purchased separately at CAS-Hire). You can fit our Flogas 13kg cylinder within the unit. The hose is approximately 0.5m long and the regulator is a 21mm push on fitting. This model only suitable for heating and not recommended for drying out your property.


EFA3We can also provide electric heaters from as little as £15.00 per week excluding vat and carriage. e.g. CVH2 convectors, OFR2 oil filled radiators, EFA3, DFE25 fan assisted, Red Rad radiant heaters.

Our electric heater range are more suitable for drying out properties as they produce dry heat as oppose to the gas heaters which introduce moisture into the air when operating.


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