Monthly Archives - December 2015

CAS Hire win temporary Air Con Contracts

CAS-Hire Glasgow win temporary air conditioning hire contract with large manufacturer whilst they get fixed air conditioning upgrade carried out by others in a high dependency area. CAS-Hire are happy to offer temporary temperature and humidity control solutions to all air conditioning companies or businesses having permanent installation fit outs or upgrades. On this occasion CAS-Hire are providing two (2) of our PWCSA 50, each with a 15kw cooling capacity split type air conditioning systems, along with four of our [...]


Get back on track after Storm Desmond

Storm Desmond has battered the United Kingdom over the weekend with millions of households and business being affected by the flooding and power cuts. CAS-Hire can supply equipment suitable to help get things back on track if you have been affected throughout the country. We currently have an healthy stock of gas cabinet heaters available for hire which do not require electricity to operate should you currently be without heating and we are also Flogas cylinders stockists. CAS-Hire also have and [...]