CAS-Hire Keep Temperatures From Rising in Edinburgh Hospital Computer Server Room

Our Edinburgh depot was asked to respond to an enquiry from a hospital IT department as their main Computer room air conditioning system had been underperforming and required to be supported.

Our team recognised that due to the size of the room and heat load within it, our B24 Industrial portable ducted air conditioners which produce a cooling output of 7.1kw and have exhaust duct length of up to ten (10) meters, were the right unit selection for the job in hand.

shutterstock_67263916By responding promptly, we prevented the customer from potentially losing valuable information or enforcing their own service delays due to potential equipment failure or system lock-down. We were able to provide an extremely sensitive sector, a solution that is considerably less than 24 hours from initial contact.

The B24 Industrial portable ducted air conditioning unit only requires a 13amp 240v electrical power supply therefore was a relatively straightforward installation. The hot air exhaust drawing heat from the area was directed into a suitable high-level ventilation point and the icy blast produced from the two manoeuvrable cold air supply nozzles enabled the server room temperature to be maintained at a satisfactory level in a short space of time.

B24_largeThe B24 air conditioner is a popular choice, as it not only produces an impressive cooling capacity from a standard 240v power supply but it has an operating noise level of 55dBa which is an acceptable level in most office environments.

This metal-cased sturdy air conditioner is a fairly straightforward system to set up and install and is easily manoeuvrable, assisted with strong industrial castors, and simple to operate mechanical controls. The popularity of this system is due to its versatility of application environments ranging from Laboratories, Nursing homes, Television production sets, factory production lines, Compressor rooms, Computer rooms, Hospital wards, Airport departure halls, kitchens, retail outlets, racehorse stables, and Veterinary practices, as well as many large hotel and leisure outlets.

Hire rates for the B24 Industrial Air conditioner are  £169.00 per week excluding vat and carriage charges.

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