CAS-Hire Direct Sales are prepared for winter 2015/16 with the excellent Woods dehumidifier dryers

We now have a range of the Scandinavian leading brand for sale, now in stock and available to purchase via our e-commerce section of our website!

Thanks to their compact design and light easily manoeuvrable portable weight, the Wood’s new MRD-10 & MRD-14 dehumidifiers can fit almost everywhere.

woods dehumidifierThe MRD-10 & MRD-14 refrigerant based dehumidifiers exhaust warm, dry air from louvers located on top of the unit that can be used blow-dry laundry or improve room air circulation as well as produce an impressive extraction rate. Its many advantages make the MRD-10 & MRD-14 ideal for bath rooms and laundry rooms but also for basements, stock storage and garages!

The MRD-10 & MRD-14 dehumidify (dry out) the air even when the temperature drops to +5˚C. They will dry your laundry at the same time as it saves energy.

The inbuilt filter cleanses the air is located along with the water bucket located at the back of the dehumidifier with sturdy but stylish carry handle on top. The MRD-10 & MRD-14 also have a rotary compressors which makes it extremely energy efficient.

Wood’s MRD-10 & MRD-14 compact dryers can discreetly fit easily into small spaces are affordable and very easy to use dehumidifiers.


Drying out in winter has never been easier

This range are ideal for use in apartments or workplace to dry workwear, clothes, damp towels, sports gear, small floods / damp issues and can prevent condensation potentially restricting valuable window display viewing in salons, shops or household windows.

mould due to excess moisture

Keep excess moisture at bay

They also create a more comfortable environment in your home or workplace as mould, excess moisture and odours are kept at a distance. MRD-10 & MRD-14 have a spacious water container of 2,7 litres, if the water bucket is full the dehumidifier shuts off automatically.

  • 5 years compressor warranty, 2 years warranty on other parts.
  • 30 days purchase on approval.
  • Automatic defrost and mould protection!

This is the more economical method of drying laundry quickly during the winter months rather than using tumble dryers or covering your radiators! Woods are the most economical dehumidifiers available in the UK market today.

Prices start from £165.90 ex vat and carriage

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