Monthly Archives - November 2015

CAS-Hire Direct Sales are prepared for winter 2015/16 with the excellent Woods dehumidifier dryers

We now have a range of the Scandinavian leading brand for sale, now in stock and available to purchase via our e-commerce section of our website! Thanks to their compact design and light easily manoeuvrable portable weight, the Wood’s new MRD-10 & MRD-14 dehumidifiers can fit almost everywhere. The MRD-10 & MRD-14 refrigerant based dehumidifiers exhaust warm, dry air from louvers located on top of the unit that can be used blow-dry laundry or improve room air circulation as well [...]


CAS-Hire keep temperatures from rising in Edinburgh Hospital Computer server room

Our Edinburgh depot were asked to respond to an enquiry from a hospital IT department as their main Computer room air conditioning system had been under performing and required to be supported. Our team recognised that due to the size of the room and heat load within it, that our B24 Industrial portable ducted air conditioners which produces a cooling output of 7.1kw and has exhaust duct length of up to ten (10) meters, was the right unit selection for [...]