CAS-Hire improves air quality for working environment at luxury car manufacturer

CAS-Hire Manchester was able to provide an air cleaning hire solution to help manage and extract unwelcome odours created within the factory location penetrating into office environments.

650e_leftThe specialist 650e air cleaner with smoke stop carbon filters were hired as they utilize two types of sensors to help combat the pollutants. The 650e uses ceramic and laser sensors designed to detect gas odours and harmful particulate levels and reduce energy usage.  The Auto setting function manages to detect the various fluctuation levels of pollutants within the room and will automatically adjust the fan speed to hasten or slow down and control the extraction until the area is free from contaminants. The carbon filters used within this particular range are specially designed using between 2-4lbs of activated carbon mixed with copper oxide and magnesium pellets to combat heavy gaseous pollutants, such as bacterial smells, smoke and other potentially dangerous volatile organic compounds (VOC’s).

The 650e Air cleaner from CAS-Hire has super silent operation noise and can produce an extremely powerful airflow whilst curtailing the production of drafts.

The 650e are commonly hired for medical theatres, offices, laboratories, schools, nurseries, medical waiting rooms, restaurants, showrooms and factories to name but a few.

Make sure you have a happy healthy odour free working environment by hiring one of our specialist air purifier range units available from £70.00 per week ex vat and carriage.

Please contact us on freephone 0800 525082 or email for further details.

We currently also have units available for sale, please visit our Air Cleaner Direct Sales of our website and order online today!



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