CAS Hire Dehumidifiers dry out house building sites to increase on-site trades

CAS-Hire London recently assisted a Construction Company based in Ilford, Essex to dry out house building sites to increase on-site trades efficiency, with Industrial Dehumidifiers & Heaters.

Our customers requested our industrial dehumidifiers/building dryers to boost productivity by enabling their squad of timberworks, concreting, plasterers and decorators to complete the finishing touches to their development site to ensure they can release completed units ahead of schedule.


Due to our cooler British climate, drying out sites in the autumn and winter seasons can be a frustrating process. It can hold up plasterers, decorators and other site works as they search for ideal relative humidity combined with a steady temperature provided by a dry heat source to allow for them to complete and provide a high-quality finish for their specific craft.

Our range of Industrial dehumidifiers produces a small amount of heat generated by the internal compressors which can increase room temperatures to improve unit operating conditions. However in particularly cool conditions or if used in larger volumetric areas, very often, we recommend our customers add some supplementary electric heat by hiring one of our Red Rad or C3 ceramic radiant heaters or more commonly some of our 110v EFA3 Electric fan heaters. By adding dry heat produced from electric heaters will help raise the temperatures for the dehumidifiers to perform steadily at their optimum extraction performance levels.

Woods 40Our Woods 40 portable Industrial dehumidifiers/building dryers are only available running off a 240v electrical supply however they do boast an in-built water pump and up to 8m of drain hose which can be directed to a suitable drainage point to insure a constant usage without the requirement to regularly empty water storage containers daily. This high-performance steel-cased unit with tough large heavy-duty wheels is well equipped to face the UK construction site market.

Our other hugely popular industrial portable dehumidifier/building dryer is the Ebac BD150 Dual voltage 110 – 230v. This heavy-duty rugged and ever-reliable unit manages to maintain its position as one of the UK market leaders. Made from thick heavy-gauge steel with chunky solid easily maneuverable wheels and directs its drainage via a gravity port located at the rear of the unit and would be directed into a suitable container or catchment area. Ideal units for insuring controlled drying rates regardless of weather conditions.

Our Industrial range of refrigerant dehumidifiers / building dryers is available nationwide from £75.00 per week ex vat and carriage charge.

Equipment is usually available on next working day delivery schedule based on orders received before 1500hrs

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