Monthly Archives - October 2015

CAS Hire Dehumidifiers dry out house building sites to increase on-site trades

CAS-Hire London recently assisted a Construction Company based Ilford, Essex to dry out house building sites to increase on-site trades efficiency, with Industrial Dehumidifiers & Heaters. Our customers requested our Industrial dehumidifiers / building dryers to boost productivity by enabling their squad of timberworks, concreting, plasterers and decorators complete the finishing touches to their development site to insure they can release completed units ahead of schedule.Due to our cooler British climate, drying out sites in autumn and winter seasons can [...]


CAS-Hire support local industries, holidaymakers and domestic rural households by providing various Flogas cylinder supplies.

CAS-Hire Stirling have seen a steady increase in their Flogas cylinder sales this year and are expecting to develop  more business within the surrounding area leading into winter 2015/16. The CAS-Hire Stirling depot stock a large and varied selection of cylinders that fall under the Flogas trading banner  such as MacGas & BP badged cylinders. CAS-Hire supply 13kg butane cylinders to restaurants, hairdressing salons, 18kg Propane Forklift truck gas cylinders to various haulage firms and factories, 47Kg propane cylinders to [...]


CAS-Hire improves air quality for working environment at luxury car manufacturer

CAS-Hire Manchester were able to provide an air cleaning hire solution to help manage and extract unwelcome odours created within the factory location penetrating into office environments. The specialist 650e air cleaner with smoke stop carbon filters were hired as they utilize two types of sensors to help combat the pollutants. The 650e uses ceramic and laser sensors designed to detect gas odours and harmful particulate levels and reduce energy usage.  The Auto setting function manages to detect the various [...]