Humidifier Hire at Lisburn Belfast Museum

Humidifier Hire at Lisburn Belfast Museum

CAS – Hire Glasgow supplied XH16 humidifiers to successfully support specialist historical museum artefacts in Lisburn, Belfast.

The XH16 was requested due to its large water storage reservoir facility’s excellent output and low running noise. The stylish and simple-to-operate humidifiers which maintained a comfortable relative humidity (RH) allowed the collection to be protected from extreme conditions created by air conditioning amongst other contributing factors.

XH16 2011

The XH16 high-capacity humidifiers can maintain rooms up to 1000m3. Each system can produce an impressive 2l/hr of moisture from a rotating drum built within the unit. The metal-cased easily manoeuvrable systems in castors also offer variable humidistat and two-speed fan control settings. With an empty weight of 18.6kgs and with a water tank capacity of 34l the XH16 are also very popular hire products within universities, local government offices, city centre offices and printers to name but a few.

Room humidity can be easily overlooked however if not managed suitably can create substantial damage or discomfort to production, workforce or storage of valuable items.

Units can be hired from a weekly rate of £65.00ex vat & carriage nationwide.
Please visit our humidifier section of our website for more details.

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