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Dehumidifier to the rescue after pipe leak!

CAS-Hire Manchester has assisted a holiday homeowner near Harrogate, North Yorkshire promptly assisting dealing with a damp problem caused by a pipe leak that had gone unnoticed for a considerable period of time.

Unfortunately, this type of issue is extremely common and can create a major problem, especially in older properties or Holiday cottages as they can be hard to detect until substantial damage has already been done. The client was required to uplift all timber flooring and hired one of our Woods 36 dehumidifiers to speed up the drying process in rooms affected by the water leak.

dehumidifier and pipe leakOur Woods 36 dehumidifiers are currently one of our most popular hire products and are called upon to deal with a wide range of varied applications. This metal-cased sturdy domestic dehumidifier is extremely powerful and can quickly dry your damp clothing at the same time as it dries out your basement, bathroom, garage, caravan, holiday home, storage facility or assists with household renovations, e.g. decorating, plastering, plumbing and carpet shampooing.

This is the ideal system to hire when your dehumidifying needs to be fast! The Woods 36 has a hose connection for continuous gravity drainage from the internal drip tray, but also includes a large 10,4 litres capacity water container. This model has an inbuilt float switch so that when the water container reaches its maximum storage capacity, the dehumidifier shuts off automatically. Our Woods 36 dehumidifier produces impressive extraction performance levels even at lower temperatures such as +50 C. It is well equipped with robust wheels, which make it easy to move about with mechanical humidistat and two-speed fan controls.

The Woods 36 dehumidifier also generates more heat energy than it consumes power thus improving performance extraction levels. This air dehumidifier can easily remove excessive air moisture and eliminate the risk of damp, mould, mildew and condensation problems.

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