2015 Edinburgh Festival

2015 Edinburgh Festival

CAS-Hire are assisting numerous major production companies who are providing amazing acts and shows for the 2015 Edinburgh festival.

As we are well aware when the festival time arrives in historical Edinburgh many unusual extremely old and very often quirky disused venues are overhauled and given the showbiz razzmatazz and converted into mini theatres.

We have hired out the ever popular Woods 40 industrial dehumidifiers to assist drying out old warehouses before the set production crews arrive to provide a safe dry environment. The Woods 40 dehumidifiers are a preferred hire choice as they have inbuilt water pumps that can pump the moisture collected by the dehumidifier up to 25m away from where the unit is positioned to suitable drainage points which saves needing to empty water buckets frequently.

Our range of industrial air cleaners the DCAC500 and DCAC2000 units have been a particularly popular hire range as stage production crews are busy creating spectacular sets therefore in a bid to prevent harmful airborne particulate lingering within each venue many of these units will be hired throughout the whole festival. We have also faced and overcome many challenging air conditioning hire requests as historical Edinburgh did not lend itself to quiet high performance air conditioning systems back in the 17th century.

Our teams have been finding solutions to adapt many of these ancient buildings to create a comfortable environment for the huge audiences and performers that are expected this year . Our versatile industrial portable ducted air conditioning systems including the SF15, HSC2500, HSC3500 and our B24 have been extremely popular as they metal cased sturdy units that can produce between 4.5 – 7.3kw of cooling each.

Also popular this year are our Portable split type units in particular the super quiet PWCSA23 and PWCSA50 chilled water splits with long lengths of interconnecting pipework that can be routed up to 30m to compact and easily manoeuvrable externally located heat exchanger and produce a cooling output of between 6.7 – 14.8kw per system respectively. The PWCSA23 can operate with a standard 240v 13 amp power supply as the larger PWCSA50 requires a 230v 45amp power supply to operate. Our varied and wide range of air conditioning and ventilation equipment are hired to try to combat heat produced by show lighting and audiences within marquees, temporary portacabins ticket offices and many other wacky and amazing show structures.

Our fleet of equipment is also suitable for bars, restaurants and other leisure establishments.

If you are planning to visit the 2015 Edinburgh festival we hope you have a wonderful experience and haste ye back!

Woods 40 dehumidifiers – £120.00 per unit per week

SF15 4.45kw Industrial Portable Ducted Air conditioners – £180.00 per unit per week
HSC2500 6.1kw Industrial Portable Ducted Air conditioners – £190.00 per unit per week
HSC3500 7.3kw Industrial Portable Ducted Air conditioners – £259.00 per unit per week
B24 7.3kw Industrial Portable Ducted Air conditioners – £259.00 per unit per week

DCAC500 industrial air cleaners – £109.00 per unit per week
DCAC2000 industrial air cleaners – £260.00 per unit per week

All prices exclude vat and carriage


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