Woods36 Dehumidifier

Woods36 Dehumidifier

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The Woods 36 Commercial Dehumidifier is perfect for industrial/ commercial areas to remove excess moisture, and make the environment work friendly.

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Product Description

Wood’s DS36F is a high performance domestic dehumidifier ideal for when you require to dry laundry quickly or remove other forms of moisture or damp indoors.

The Woods DS36F dehumidifier has very high performance capacity coupled with its robust design makes it suitable for some of the harshest operating environments. The Woods DS36F will lower the humidity fast and reduce the risk of mould, mite development within your property and potentially affecting your health.

Wood’s DS36F is simple to set up and operate and will reduce the ambient humidity and remove potentially damaging mildew and moisture. The DS36F has a spacious water bucket with optional additional easily attach a water hose connection for direct gravity drainage of the water. The additional hose drainage method means you don’t have to empty the water bucket and can direct the short hose into a suitable drainage point allowing for the dehumidifier to be left unattended for lengthy periods of time without requiring to empty water containers which prevent the unit from operating when full. The Wood’s DS36F will only operate when needed and automatically shut off and restart depending on the ambient humidity.

This is the most economical energy saving and efficient method to extract excess moisture, damp and unpleasant odours contained indoors. The DS36F model is one of Wood’s all-time best sellers and will run without trouble for many years to come.

Perfect for:

  • Flood damage restoration
  • Launderettes
  • Hairdressing salons – will prevent condensation on their show window

Good to know:

This small, compact and relatively lightweight unit is metal cased and set on four casters also features finned coils for greater efficiency.

Additional Information

Weight 24 kg
Dimensions 42 x 34 x 53 cm
Maximum Extraction Litres/24hrs