• Woods MRD-10 Dehumidifier

    Winter months causing havoc with drying your laundry and increasing energy costs of running your tumble dryer continuously getting too expensive?
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  • Woods MRD-14 Dehumidifier

    Wood’s MRD-14 is designed to be able to dehumidify spaces such as small basements, bathrooms or cottages, even when the temperature falls down to +7ºC. It is so compact that it fit...
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  • Woods MRD-20 Dehumidifier

    The brand new Wood’s MRD-20 is a fantastic, powerful, dehumidifier all-rounder that fits most environments. The Woods MRD-20 can be easily moved to where it’s most needed.
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  • Wood’s DS36F Dehumidifier

    Wood’s DS36F is a high performance domestic dehumidifier ideal for when you require to dry laundry quickly or remove other forms of moisture or damp indoors.
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  • WCD6HG Dehumidifier

    The Woods WCD6HG dehumidifier is a sturdy metal cased, industrial dehumidifier, which ensures the equipment can withstand the most varied heavy duty working environments.
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  • Revolution LGR Dehumidifier

    The Revolution LGR Dehumidifier holds a specific high-tech low humidity technology in a robust packed together design created for the Restorative Drying Industry. Low-Grain Refrige...
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